What are parasites and what are they

Parasites (see photo below) has a separate living completely at the expense of another, larger, separate. Location is ektoparasity life of the people outside and his endoparasity infecting the inside. Will vidovomu the composition of the parasite may be viruses, bacteria, worms, insects and even vertebrates.

Parasites can be something considered unnatural. On the contrary, until scientists realized that it is, and where he came from, people become infected constantly, that was one of the reasons for low life expectancy 1 – 2 years ago. Because many parasites are deadly, and in some cases useless life can save a a qualified doctor.

In other cases the disease may last for decades, such as parasites cleverly disguised as other diseases, to improve, which it is not possible, until then, until you find and eliminate the real cause.

The most popular types of parasites

Closer to nature, traditions, more likely to get it on your hands on a parasite on one of those or a whole bunch.

Round and tapeworms, fleas, lice, ticks, subcutaneous, and ovod larvae volfartovoy flies – this is not a complete list of those who craves human flesh and blood, let us consider in detail the causes, symptoms, treatment and at least the main types of parasites in the human body.

Worm sample


Tapeworms – the unofficial tapeworms large my name, such as beef-pork tapeworm ny, ny is the tapeworm. The worm lives in the intestine, a few were published for the first months without noticing, time and lead to serious weight loss men "the master".

The general structure of all the tapeworm consists of a head with suckers, that gelmini is attached to the wall of the small intestine, and several hundreds of thousands or segments of gradually increasing thickness, which ripen the eggs.

The time of the content, its major segments and detached from the body of the worm are excreted together with feces. Their appearance is a guaranteed sign that we need to take action, the reason for the joy is the fact that came out of the parasite.

This is a normal life process, natural conditions, these segments continue to move in ten minutes, and then burst, scattering around the eggs gelmina to. If the individual belongs to the species of bovine tapeworm, segments spontaneously crawl out through the anus.

Symptoms of tapeworms in humans

Symptoms of tapeworm in humans the body:

  • abdominal pain, changing your location,

  • diarrhea,

  • vomiting,

  • headaches.

Given that the position of the tape worm can be any nearly animal, mouse inclusive, but the eggs zasohshem the roadside to take in, it can be concluded that maan nothing in common in the mouth is potentially dangerous.

If the individual belongs to the species is the tapeworm infection they will be insufficiently cooked, salted or fish.

Treatment great tapeworms in humans home

Traditional methods of treatment are the following:

A couple of days before treatment, the man must go uglevodnuyu diet. Eat Then one of two things:

  • The pumpkin seeds.

    Raw sunflower seeds peel and eat divided doses with water. Adult in vain to 300 grams per day, children – 100 g. Used disposable.

  • Medical collection of the following ingredients:

    • Tansy 4 parts;

    • Flax seeds – 4 pieces;

    • Ground cloves – 2 pieces;

    • Everlasting (Helichrysum) flowers – 1 part;

    • Centaury – 1 part;

    • Wormwood – 1 part;

    • Pumpkin seeds (crushed) – 1 part.

    The components are crushed, mixed week and last, dry, tbsp. The first day or 1 time in the morning, the second and third days – 2 times, and in the morning before meals, the next day – 3 times a day with a glass of water.

  • When one of the two previous mental done on an empty stomach in the morning an enema, followed by a second part of the protivogelmintnogo money and after 2 hours, a laxative is given.

    Published gelmina (up to several meters long) has been studying English at the other end of the head with suction cup. If not, then come out of the worm not completely, for a week and after that, repeat the treatment. Monitoring after the process 3 weeks in any case would need to be repeated.

Echinococcus (hydatid disease)


Gelmini very dangerous infection which can ultimately lead to death. Small tapeworms, 3-4 mm, 1 mm long and thick, which is property in the form of bubbles in the internal organs (such as liver, lungs and brain).

Emedicine bladder is a fluid-filled cavity, where the walls are gelminty, and bubbles inside address of the current sources arise, such as the address of the current sources inside. The volume of this pathology can reach several liters in humans.

The adult tapeworm parasitizes in the small intestine, the larvae of the blood passing through the entire body of the portal vein. The diagnosis can be performed using imaging, stool studies or specific reaction against the presence of antibodies to the ehinokokku in the body.

Symptoms of tapeworm in humans

Symptoms of echinococcosis, especially in the early stages can masquerade as other diseases, so it can be diagnosis makes sense, if several of these is a combination of signs:

  • weakness;

  • fatigue;

  • headaches;

  • vomiting;

  • renal colic;

  • low-grade fever;

  • loss of appetite;

  • weight loss;

  • pregnancy and pain in the region of the liver.

Treatment echinococcosis

Upon detection of this parasite qualified medical help is needed surgery. In its absence it is possible to ease the situation by using the following folk remedies:

  • The birch Collection of buds, mint leaves, and flowers immortelle. Parts are taken from a combination of 100:75:75, and water is poured boiling 100 ml per tbsp. Drink: kids to adults 50 ml 100 ml 4 times a day, two weeks to a month.

  • Alcohol tincture of celandine, semi-buds, internally. Parts filled with vodka at a ratio of 1:5 and nastaivautsya week. Dosage: 1 tablespoon an hour after meals 3 times a day.

  • Tansy. Flowers nastaivayutsya 2 hours in 1 Cup of boiling water per tablespoon. Take 100 ml a day an hour before meals.

The key role of the environment, that Echinococcus, tape gelmintom permanently is attached to the body (liver, lungs, brain) and through the skin can expel using the bath, contrary to the recommendations of the individual chapters of folk medicine.

Ascaris lumbricoides (Ascaris people)


Round worms, 20 to 35 cm long, most often associiruemye worms. Roundworm, unlike the previous species, there is no organs of attachment, and are constantly in motion flow poluperevarennoy food passes through the intestines.

But their damage in the end this is not. Worms from time to time and rotv, and their larvae, gnawing the walls of the intestine, respectively, is carried throughout the body in the bloodstream the larvae gelmintov the previous forms.

Significant is the fact that they could not get into the lungs cough and mouth, along with mucus, although they are so small, that in most cases, the patient does not even notice.

In addition, since the immigration of the larvae, roundworm can live in the liver, kidneys, spleen, lungs, brain, for decades. Such a devastating Fb features, such as tapeworm, roundworm, however, can cause diseases such as hepatitis in men, cirrhosis in women and of brain cancer.

Ascaris Symptoms

The group of symptoms of Ascaris, which is worth paying attention to, as follows:

  • increased salivation;

  • weight loss;

  • diarrhea and blood in the stool;

  • allergies and itchy skin;

  • shortness of breath, bronchitis, or pneumonia;

  • low-grade fever;

  • increase in blood pressure;

  • vomiting changes in appetite and;

  • depression and anxiety.

The diagnosis is made on the basis of a General analysis of feces, which should apply to a specialized Agency.

The treatment of ascariasis folk remedies

Is used to expel roundworm treatment folk remedies includes the following recipes:

  • enema milk garlic. Clove of garlic boiled in a glass of milk and put the enema in the evening. Is used during the course of the week.

  • the pumpkin seeds. Similarly, the above-described treatment of the sample;

  • tincture of wormwood leaves and crushed raw pumpkin seeds. Components take in equal proportions, the two parts add vodka and to insist in a dark place for a week. The finished tincture is used 2 times a day, lunch and before dinner for 50 ml;

  • green walnuts, pour boiling 1 part water at the rate of nuts to 2 parts water and a half hours is required. Glass infusion drink during the day then take a laxative;

Restore the body after ridding the parasites

In any case, the parasites are to remain interfere with normal work of bodies where she was.

Echinococcus through and liver kidney calcification, roundworm do and in the lungs liver movements, which persist even after their deaths, tapeworms suckers ruin the intestinal wall, which increases the risk of developing gastric ulcer and duodenum.

Therefore, traditional medicine recommends to remove these effects recipes for the following:

  • The gut to restore infusion of flax seeds. Seeds boiled with boiling a tablespoon per Cup of water and infuse for 2 hours. Course of treatment: three times per day 50 ml per week;

  • Total recovery is to achieve the following fee:

    • Nettle leaves – 2 parts;

    • Rose hips – 1 part;

    • The fruit of the Rowan – 5 parts.

    The mixture is cooked in boiling water with the same ratio as in the previous paragraph and used in the same way.

Infection Prevention

Rule # 1: anything you can't eat this popular place sufficiently salted, roasted or boiled. Sushi, pickled herring or sashimi can be considered food lovers. But it is basically raw, this is a popular place to fish is one of the and components of the life cycle of parasitic worms.

How to pay for it: first, the larva enters the mollusk, which does not grow over a certain limit, so that the clam eats the fish, the larvae will have his digestive system, once live again, the rest, grows and multiplies, to get this popular spot into the muscle tissue, eat this fish, a Dolphin, a Seagull or a polar bear. Or decided to join the high Japanese culture, a guest of the restaurant.

Safe raw fish, in theory, exist. You can do this, it must be either frozen immediately melt the stick and just before cooking, or need to be specially grown fish, the farm, the absence of parasites. But check, is it dangerous dish it was made, as a rule, is impossible.

The meat will adhere to the same caution, do not taste raw minced meat and svejesobranna fat.

In addition, in order not to get infected gelmintami vegetables and before eating wash your hands too. As part of the natural environment, these were the parasites of the human body in general almost everywhere.

With food for All or contact with the hands on the ground, the ground, vegetation and dust are able to keep eat the microscopic eggs. When injected into the intestine the eggs hatch the worms, which removal will not be easy.

There are parasites which vain attack passing in the rest or the nature of man, as for example:

  • the malaria parasite contained in the saliva of mosquitoes of the genus of mosquito,

  • the causative agent of encephalitis, contained in the saliva of ticks,

  • gadfly fly and wolfarth.

Their prevention is the use of various repellents Hiking in the nature, as well as maximum protection in exposed areas of the body (mosquito netting, network, gel).

However, what to do if not working prevention? So how do you attack well-known, well-known and the treatment of folk ways.

And finally, it can be concluded that the simple rules of hygiene and sanitation, the destruction of flies and cockroaches can significantly reduce the risk of infection of the parasites, leading to serious consequences.