Symptoms of parasites in the body – 12 clear signs of

Symptoms of parasites can appear headaches, unpleasant feeling in the stomach, nausea, increased body temperature. Infection with parasites of any type can override the people. There are a lot of varieties of parasites, their environment is very much is: they can live in water, land, food, products, organisms Pets.

Parasites - what is it?


There are animals, plants or micro-organisms, that its owner will live at the expense of. They eat the cells or tissues using the vitamins nutrients and that had to go to build the body so the host. Parasites poison the human body of substances that emit during their life.

Medicine human parasites called in vain multicellular organisms, protozoa, viruses ny-ny-ny-bacteria are pathogens. Was wondering what are parasites in humans symptoms, English and their treatment of folk remedies.

Parasites in the human body no one is immune. Get them for a few seconds enough, but to get rid of difficult. In children And in adults, the disease progresses very quickly. It is involved in the patients ' symptoms and lead to a complete loss of power. Cestodes, there are various folk remedies prepared at home with minimal costs.

As the parasites enter the human body

In the human body, they belong to a different ways, is most often linked to contaminated water and food.

Parasites get inside us, insect bites, while bathing in the freshwater ponds, the air, the dust, which is the operator of the eggs. Dogs and cats, using its damp breath, can dissipate the eggs of the parasite at a distance up to 5 meters. Pinworm eggs remain viable for up to 6 months and toys, rugs, underwear and bedding the body.

Roundworm eggs to get us inside through poorly washed fruits and vegetables. Grill the bacon or homemade 95% guarantee of Developing trichinosis. Salted fish, steak or eggs the cause of the infection are the tape worm, the longest of which reaches 12 meters and can live in the body up to 25 years. In cases where infection in the infants of the parasites still in the womb.

Can be transmitted through dirty hands, not in vain of her, but also sellers, cooks, waiters, and the eggs of the parasite are railings money and public transport. The high concentration of parasite eggs observed in the products, such as bacon, smoked sausage, ham, sausages, pork any form, beef, chicken, lamb and even chicken eggs are very often contaminated. Epidemiology around the world are trying to deal with this scourge.

In the united states, for example, to check the bot to destroy 1 pig carcass out of every dollar. It adds up to multimillion-dollar losses, but otherwise not. Totally reliable methods for cleaning the meat there, and ordinary cooking does not destroy the larvae.

You can't guarantee the purity of their food, cook or fry the meat, a large number of the larvae of the parasites still penetrate the body. The main ways to get parasites in the human body:

  • through contaminated food and water. In some cases, it is the stabilisation and association agreement contaminated during storage, preparation, this is also facilitated by flies, cockroaches. But sometimes, food can be infected to begin with, for example, when it is used for cooking thermally poorly processed fish, meat from infected animals;
  • contact the household in a way that, when you are a parasite transmitted from one person to another, using household objects or domestic animals;
  • vector-borne way, when the parasite is carried by blood-sucking insects.

The effect of parasites in the body

Parasites in the human body disrupt organs and activity, which causes inflammation, destroys tissue. Often in the course of their life the parasites produce substances toxic to humans, which leads to a gradual poisoning of his body.

Parasites of the intestine use for their growth and food development nutrients. This is why the human body begins to experience a shortage. This is especially dangerous for children, because they are slowed growth, impaired physical and mental development.

Parasites adapt well to living in one body, eggs and their larvae to the central role of environmental sustainability to the environment. The gastrointestinal tract to protect the parasites can target specific substances, which inactivate enzymes, break the process of digestion. Therefore, the patient parasites in the intestines, the symptoms often resemble diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

The main symptoms of parasites in the human body

The main parasite in the human body symptoms are:

    Digestive problems
  • constipation: abundant helminth infection can block the bile into the intestinal and the path that leads to the rare difficulty and stool;
  • diarrhea: a number of parasites produce a prostaglandin that leads to loss of sodium and chloride, which leads to frequent watery stool. Thus, diarrhea in a parasitic infection is a function of the parasite, the body of a try-not to get rid of the infection;
  • bloating and gas: some parasites live the upper small intestine, where they cause inflammation leads to bloating and gas;
  • pain and joints muscles: parasites can move the aim of which is summed up and the joint fluid muscle. Thus, experiencing the pain of a person, which often is considered the symptoms of arthritis. Pain inflammation of the joints and are also the muscles cause damage to tissues caused by parasites the immune response of the organism or their English;
  • Allergy: parasites can irritate and sometimes pierce the shell intestines, which leads to the ingress of blood of large molecules, undigested food. It activates the immune system and cause an allergic reaction. It, parasites can also be allergens.
  • weight problems: obesity as a result of helminth infection is the result of a robbery of the human body. Because of the extravagance of helminths is the lack of nutrients, too much "empty calories";
  • nervousness: the metabolic wastes and toxins, parasites can affect the nervous system seriously. Anxiety, depression, nervousness are the result of systematic poisoning;
  • chronic fatigue: symptoms of chronic fatigue, weakness, apathy, flu-like conditions, depression, decreased concentration, poor memory. These symptoms may be caused by parasites, which absorb most of the nutrients. Although good nutrition deficit of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Aggravate the permanent poisoning of the body;
  • Weight problems
  • immune system disorders: parasites weaken the immune system, reduce the secretion of immunoglobulin. Their presence continuously stimulates the system response and can weaken this vital mechanism, which opens the way to deep, bacterial and viral infections;
  • inflammation of the respiratory tract: number of the worms will migrate to the human body, such as respiratory. Cough, fever, runny nose – a symptom of the real English in the body of the "intruders". Pneumonia is one of the manifestations of ascariasis;
  • bad skin: intestinal parasites can cause hives, dermatitis, eczema and other skin reactions. Skin ulcers, tumors, warts, etc. may be due to the English protozoa;
  • cancer: chronic poisoning of the body, failure of the immune system, a nun traumatic effects on tissues of the body and, and long-term inflammation of the nutrient deficiency – this is more than enough to cause the development of tumors;
  • other symptoms are very and parasites varied depend on the duration and infection rate of organ damage. Ranging from migraines and heart and asthma attacks, inflammation of the urinary tract.

All of the above are in vain a few examples of the harmful effects of parasites. During his life the man his contact is a huge number of harmful micro-organisms, infected by them. In addition, the penetration of parasites in the body may completely depend on the purity. You can eat lunch in a restaurant at the most expensive, eat vegetables salad, and all the opportunities is to get ascariasis.

Signs of parasites in the body

  • the reason asthma is often a parasite Fluke "live" people to pay;
  • people suffering from cancer, gastro-intestinal tract of intoxicated fecal dry deposits, as they offer an attractive environment for parasites;
  • lack of silicon, which is "eating" worms in the human body can develop diseases, such as eczema and psoriasis;
  • rare bowel can occur heavy worm infestation, which prevents bile from the bowel point to yes will cause constipation;
  • I think all that diarrhea is a way to get rid of the infections in the body or as a result of eating substandard products. Usually the way it is, but it will cost so that the symptoms frequent, watery bowel movements that worms are a function of the production of hormone-like substances, which lead to the loss of sodium and chloride.
  • the result of a search easier places to live for and therefore the whole body of parasite movements can occur in joint and muscle pain, which are often blamed on arthritis. Attractive Hello environment and synovial fluid muscles;
  • due to the irritation of the parasites of the mucous membranes of the intestines, is the probability of penetration is not metabolized molecules. As a result, the body includes a protective function, which is manifested in the production of protective cells called eosinophils. They cause inflammation in tissues, and this, in turn, lead to allergies;
  • English worms in the intestine can cause many skin diseases, impotence is the result of power Trichomonas sperm count, poor sleep, night waking, usually 2-3 hours, the signal can English the parasites, which enter the body with the help of get rid of the liver.
  • chronic fatigue and weakened immunity can also be symptoms of English, foreign citizens of Loviisa; multiple sclerosis is a spinal cord disease and the brain. Researchers have stated that the reason for this can act as disease trematodes, the brain to the spinal cord proliferate and and there. These parasites come in the human body along with milk products. He depression and also cause irritability.

Some parasites living in the human liver

Infection of the liver

The liver is a reservoir for the accumulation, reproduction and habitat of different microorganisms. The reason is that this protects the body not them. The liver is active in metabolism, the cause of which is the frequent occurrence of parasites of this vital organ. Also the cells of the parenchyma contains a lot of liver nutrients, which also affects the growth of parasites.

Still settling in micro-and organism properties promote blood circulation in the body. Over time, the larvae of the parasite to achieve the size of Mature individuals who contribute to the development of hydatid cysts, causing a variety of diseases. The type of parasite living in the liver:

  • amoeba: the amoeba penetrate the intestinal wall to the lymph nodes and veins, that move pay. They are dangerous because they contribute to the formation of a blood son of clotting, a violation of the nutrition of the cells, the release of unwanted waste. As a result, in the liver and cause necrosis if combined into a large damage. It's called amoebic abscess;
  • Giardia: if the pay had been found in Giardia, we are talking about giardiasis. The danger that these parasites is that they are able to cause degeneration of the liver cells, causing inflammation. When you want to join the giardiasis other bacterial infection, the number of leukocytes in the blood increase;
  • alveolar Echinococcus; may affect how and the cells of the tissues of the liver. In many cases, the metastases spread to other organs, and as the lungs of the central nervous system. A parasite refers to the tape worms cestodes;
  • shistosoma: parasitic in the blood vessels of the liver. The eggs of the parasite to penetrate the tissue of the liver. If affects the body, possible hepatitis tsiroz liver;
  • unilocular Echinococcus: refers to the cestodes resemble a bubble. Able to increase, reflecting the atrophy of the liver, compression of blood vessels and bile;
  • Ascaris: this round of parasite, which, will pay, and cause microabscesses micro necrosis. If you've already landed is an adult, then a man ill with cholangitis or hepatitis, there is a greater chance of purulent inflammatory process.

Parasites in the human throat - the symptoms of the parasite

Sore throat

The question of the parasite in the throat can live, it is safe to say no. All symptoms that occur in the larynx, is the result of the fact that the virus is parasitic in the lungs or liver, which reduce the protective people function in the body. Pain, feeling of a lump in the throat, the saliva becomes very thick, and ulcers gingivitis — these symptoms are the direct indicators for the diagnostic English helminthes diseases.

The primary treatment of the disease, the parasite independently at home can be performed. You can use the following traditional methods of treatment of worm: the use of garlic: a worm can stand spicy vegetables or herbs; soda rinse throat: 200 ml of boiling water, diluted 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 3 drops of iodine. Rinse 3 times a day.

Symptoms of parasites parasites in the intestines in humans

Some parasites live in the intestines? The body is infected with, not one, two not, but several different types of worms. He can act in the intestine at the same time, but the majority of worms in humans has individually. The main classification of worms – their appearance. Intestinal parasites, the symptoms are similar. The three main types of worms: belt; flat; round.

Tapeworms in the intestine differ from the segmented body and the fire of the cheek form, where the worm got its name. Round of parasites in the intestines of people look the most close to the standard of the rain worm. They are translucent, white or transparent body, through which shines through the main vessel.

Flat worms are usually an oval shape, sometimes they are a little divided. The length of any type can reach 10 mm 10 meters. There are many different types of parasites in the small intestine, some of them are much smaller sizes.

Experts distinguish more than 10 types of worm infestation, which are based on various pathogens. The most common type – ascariasis, Ascaris i.e. infection length of 15-40 cm characterized by abdominal pain and intoxication.

But other options:

  • trihozefalez: pathogen – whipworm. Whipworm is one of the most versatile worms. It penetrates into the cecum and large and small intestines. The main symptoms of stress, dizziness, vomiting, nausea and other symptoms and worms poisoning. Parasites living in the gut, are easily derived drugs;
  • beef tapeworm infection: is the process of developing bovine tapeworm in humans. This is the worm through the meat and Pets. The result is a constant intoxication of the organism and pain in the abdomen;
  • metagonimus: one of the most dangerous forms of the parasite in the human intestine, requiring emergency removal. He called flukes, can cause inflammation of the intestines. Infection occurs through raw fish;
  • trainees: the most severe form, which leads to patient death prolonged absence of treatment. Pathogen – species of Trichinella, can penetrate from the intestine into the internal organs seriously and harm to their job. Because of the increased activity of the parasite, the pain is in the stomach seemed in vain, but also to the muscles. As for the allergic reaction – it starts with conjunctivitis.

Infection Prevention

Parasitic infestation can be easily avoided with simple hygiene. First, the experts recommend to limit their contact with untested animals and to improve food hygiene. All vegetables, fruits, greens, definitely need to wash. Their surface can be invisible to the human eye, the larvae of worms. Meat for frying should be ready to brought to the space, while the kill potential parasites. It is important to observe the rules of personal hygiene:

  • the text you will cross the fascinating whole, that is brushing the teeth should be each individual;
  • the same applies to towels the body;
  • after eating the dishes or the family wash is necessary;
  • you can't eat someone else's dirty dishes;
  • should wash their hands after visiting the streets, contact with a pet before and eating.

Compliance with the basic rules of to help forget about the problem of infestation. Guarantee health, you can take preventive compounds. Before buying herbal SUPPLEMENT that provides continuous protection for the body, a man must consult with your doctor.

Body parasite Cleansing is very important for the health and welfare of the patient procedures. People who live in the body the parasites are unable to live a full life.

Body and cleanses is useful for preventive purposes: it allows you to clean more and waste by using cleansing techniques. Real-time worm infestation the treatment is not dangerous.