Cleansing the body of parasites and drugs

Body Cleansing of parasites. Anyone can get infected by parasites. If the condition suddenly deteriorated for no apparent reason, he developed fatigue, abdominal pain, nausea, dizziness, unpleasant or other symptoms, is to check the body of the English worms. Pharmacy networks presents a wide range of parasites medicines, but effective body cleansing of parasites medicines folk remedies or or would be an adult show the current source name must be the expert. However, it is the idea of using drugs for the treatment of worm infestation, a man must be all can be useful. There are many varieties of parasites, and the penetration of the bodies systems people are very different. Today we will talk about how to cleanse the body of parasites.


Who these parasites are and how they infect

All three parasites characterized by the feature: the threats of his master, he depends on, there is a connection with him. That is, living organisms have all of these features, are parasites. Those who live in a man can be and divided into protozoa helminthes (worms). Body Cleansing of parasites. Protozoan parasites cause parasitosis — the occurrence of diseases, which he provoke: amoebiasis, giardiasis, balantidiasis, malaria, trypanosomiasis, toxoplasmosis, trichomoniasis, and others. Helminths source: ascariasis, opisthorchiasis, echinococcosis, enterobiasis and other diseases. Parasitosis characterized by a number of different transmission:

  • like food, when there is ingestion of the eggs;
  • contact via active penetration of the larvae through the skin of contaminated water;
  • sexually transmitted diseases as a single-celled parasite;
  • insects through them bites — prevalence of protozoa in the blood.

All sorts of parasites is characterized by its cycle of development, a favorite place of residence in the body. He can live in the intestine, liver, lungs and even muscles. Some of them tell you or they move in the blood of the son. Treatment is important and share them with intestinal intestinal forms. Private symptoms of parasitic diseases differ. Think about the most common clinical indications for nothing about parasites in the body.

Symptoms of having parasites in the body

Before you engage in home-body cleansing a parasite, a man need to figure out whether the concern. Below we describe a number of symptoms that make you suspect a bot:

  • if someone leaves illegally the body, you can get a General malaise, weakness, decreased performance, often observed weight loss;
  • all parasite causes intermittent skin rashes, which can transfer and again;
  • if the localization of the parasites occur in the intestine, the patient may be concerned about nausea, sometimes vomiting, abdominal pain without clear localization;
  • helminth infections cause increased irritability, General malaise, which, at first glance, there is no reason to. This is due to the poisoning waste products of helminths;
  • the first sign of madon colonization can be detected by their representatives in the feces;
  • the use of the camera showing the disease increase in the blood of the son of eosinophils, the appearance of anemia;
  • when the worms accumulate in the liver, jaundice develops and kun obstruction biliary colic;
  • parasite sometimes cause the acute condition, for example, where there is a strong colony of the bowel causing obstruction. The tapeworm, once you break the parent birds, leading to toxic damage to the organs strong and distribution subsidiary of the eggs in a place where there was a gap;
  • infection can be accompanied by low immunity, which is manifested in frequent colds.

Body Cleansing of parasites. To determine exactly parasites in the body, a man must tell all to the doctor the symptoms, to describe their connections to the dirty water, animals can be carriers of the infection. About bad is also a personal hygiene necessary to mention, to help a technician properly diagnose.

What is body cleansing of parasites

Already If you are interested in this question, as you may have noticed that to really clear the body of toxins is still needed. But let's try to understand why it is so necessary to cleanse the body? The body needs to cope with the negative effects of the external environment on a daily basis. Of course, the easier it make, if he is free from toxins. If we want to live a long and rich life, we need to create the body the kind of conditions that he can't cope with the harmful effects.

Noticed that the medications less effective intoxicated organism. So it will pay so that the man is sick, and he will not help any medications. Also noticed that the people who cleaned the body, treatment, and more is to successfully productively. From this we can conclude, in order to get rid of the disease, it is necessary to enable the conditions for economic recovery. In this case, without a body cleansing can be done and she needed the rest for recovery the treatment of influenza.

Again, the cause of many diseases is the result of a blockage of the human body poisons, slags, alien substances and products of decay. The results are the blockage of kidney stones and, and polyps of the intestine. There are more than 40 species of parasites, salasaca in the human body! And is not in vain in the intestines but also the liver, lungs, reproductive organs, beneath the skin and so These "uninvited neighbors" to absorb the juices, to poison the blood of the son. As a result, human diseases, which is difficult to treat: migraines, chronic sore throat, bronchitis, heart ailments, liver disease and kidney, etc.

Body Cleansing of parasites. The effect of the parasite's body, seemingly unnoticed, but it is so destructive, over time that can lead to serious consequences, until the development of great diseases. Many methods to detect the parasite now obsolete, in the end, the results of the analyses are incorrect. New methods to detect parasites in the equipment and require expensive latest drugs and yet it ny inaccessible to most clinics hospitals. Of course, parasites are not at all. For example, in the intestines of vegetarians, they almost never happen. After all, the point of "food" for the parasites is a waste, especially due to cold, heavy, undigested food. And when the body is clean, parasites there in vain for anything to eat.

complaints and pain

You can compare it with housing. House If rarely is clean, the corners lay in the dust on the table, dirty dishes, a bucket of deposits and debris, there is the beginning as soon as flies, cockroaches, ants and other small pests. If the apartment perfect And clean: all the sparkles, the floor washed, the dust is cleaned, flies and cockroaches el – he in vain to do anything with no money! In any case, should carry out the procedure for the expulsion of parasites, at least to clear my conscience. In particular, these treatments are very tasty foods.

The requirements of the body cleansing of parasites

Body Cleansing of parasites. Before you start cleaning, look in lunar calendar. Our body is purified at the full moon. Also important is the inner attitude. Man must believe in the power of his body with the force, that life to win any of the can disease, to convince myself that everything will work out, man will be healthy, filled with power-unit, and energy. Of course, a purely mechanical procedures, that certain success, but if this is all to pay a positive attitude the result will please you very much.

Don't forget that in order to achieve success requires a planned and methodical. Procedures are done Also comes with a case-by-case basis handy. But for those who really care about their own health, men need to know that it is not necessary to wait, when the disease paid, and then in vain to deal with it. It is necessary to create such conditions that these diseases occur. This is a reason to sometimes do what you want to do and don't need to. Future-a fundraising campaign was great, take care of him right now.

Cleaning the organism from parasites or not?

Body Cleansing of parasites. No need to clean the parasites against in vain, because it is unnecessary to be fashionable. If you have no symptoms, the cause of which is difficult to figure out, to no avail randomly and occur upset stomach or diarrhea, which is good enough and the diet of a healthy lifestyle. In nature is done so that the human body is home to other micro-organisms. Creatures that live in the us, we are very necessary. This is especially true of the gastro-intestinal tract. The intestinal wall is the size of the colonies of bacteria that feed on digested food. Possibly Even so the dangerous bacteria or such as Staphylococcus aureus and Candida are important because they provide food for other micro-organisms protects and serious diseases. When we are healthy, the whole system samoreguliruetsja.


None of the micro-organisms does not violate the health. High the immune system is able to keep under control, even if a large parasitic worms. However, if you have a weakened immune system to much, or eat sugar, white flour and meat, as well as having many different medications, all internal ecosystems will be weakened, opening the way to the parasite attack. He settle in the liver, heart, brain and other vital organs. In such cases, not in vain man must get rid of the "intruders", but also to carry out the cleaning and cost of the whole organism.

Enemas healthy diet and to cleanse the body

Body Cleansing of parasites. Any doctor laxatives include quickly get used to the means. Really! The intestines enough to get used to the laxative quickly and stops its work, hoping to improve. More effective is a vital compound, has a laxative effect. It includes figs, apricots, prunes, honey and glycerin, all in equal proportions. All the ingredients are ground, mixed and stored in a refrigerator. Take a dessert spoon on an empty stomach. Very useful for bowel — vegetables, fruits and grain. By the way, say, food rich in fiber.

Before opened to many antibiotics diseases, lung and treated with a bronchodilator was with normalizes bowel function, which it is cleaned. And it really helped. Each County doctor know that there are TB dysbacteriosis of the colon. Why enema not-shot episodes of tuberculosis or asthma. Modern medicine explains that this "miracle" healing properties of blood circulation of a person. It is not a doctor need to be experienced, a person's appearance to determine how it works in the intestine. Dark circles under the eyes, dull inflamed skin, immediately give the person suffering from constipation. To all this you can also add and irritability in a bad mood.

Body Cleansing of parasites. All women, regardless of nationality and religion, than in their country of residence, studies, medical literature, or visiting the doctors a great amount of funds recommended to normalize bowel function, choose the enema. But don't forget, that in vain constipation is the consequence, and the reason is improper diet. European and Russian doctors proved that a cleansing enema at home is not worth doing more than once every 7-10 days. Every day pour a large amount of liquid many problems can cause the stretch of the intestinal wall, change and the natural flora of the acidic environment. Eventually, the bowel in vain to get worse, and the negative process in vain tighten. The liquid used for enemas, it is better to add supplements. Very good add, or lemon juice, decoctions of herbs: chamomile , calendula, celandine. Sea salt is added to a water enema, a very beneficial effect on people prone to hypertension.


Body Cleansing of parasites at home

Body Cleansing of parasites. At home cleanse the body of parasites, it is possible to apply the well-known folk remedy, the so-called triad, which has been developed by the doctor of medical Sciences V. A. Ivanchenko. The composition of the triad is simple: tansy flower baskets; the leaves and fruits of Artemisia; the seeds of clove used in recipes. For the preparation of a threesome: a man must grind in a coffee grinder each part, and then mix 4 parts by weight of tansy, 1 part of wormwood weight, the weight of the 2-part cloves. For example, mix 60g of tansy, wormwood, 15 g, 30 g cloves. Wormwood tansy effectively and destroy are dwight intestines round and the body is tapeworm, about 100 as well as various parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses. Cloves eggs and destroy hatch into larvae. Therefore, for best results, it is better to mix the herbs take these and them at the same time.

How to calculate serving size: per serving need to use 1.75 g of a mixture of herbs. Based on the aspect ratio (4:1:2), which is of tansy 1 G, 0.25 g wormwood, 0, 5 g of cloves, along with 1+0.25+0.5=1.75 g Before the course is useful to measure one serving. Usually, this teaspoon without top. How to take the triad: home cleaning herbs, which are part of trio, start slowly. the first day one dose half an hour before Breakfast, drink a small amount of water; the second day two times, half an hour before Breakfast lunch and also drinking water; on the third day began to take three times a day half an hour before a meal.

Three reception lasts eight days. prevention of six months to take one dose once a week. Of course, this means, cleanse the parasite – not the candy. Make it spread a characteristic smell, quite unpleasant, especially at first. You need a little patience, it is the stabilisation and association agreement easier. For those who do not want to participate in the preparation of the composition of the cleaning at home product can ready to buy, for example, the triad. Composition available in capsules make that easier. A few days after the start of treatment the body this method can worsen your mood, headaches.

It is the result of and death of intestinal parasites excretion of toxins, which are absorbed into the blood and cause malaise. To clean the intestines, recommended to eat it more foods that contain fiber. Against the reception of the triad: it is not necessary to cleanse the body of parasites in ulcer of the stomach, if erosive gastritis; part of the nail the pressure increases; receiving means, the cleaning woman's day, because of heavy periods; should not be treated during pregnancy.

Herbal body cleansing of parasites

herbal infusions
  • In the evening pour half a liter of boiling water herbs such as chamomile, tansy, oak bark, wormwood, immortelle, st. john's wort, buckthorn bark, yarrow (herb for each teaspoon). Leave for up to 12 hours. Infusion strain It after and drink on an empty stomach in the morning half a Cup. What don't drink, leave in the refrigerator the broth is not bad. Infusion should be consumed for 10 days, 3 days, then pause and repeat in 10 days. Such a course of purification to spend at least once a year;
  • penetration and one of the tools available today to use pumpkin seeds. Take two tablespoons of pumpkin seeds (you can grind in a blender or a meat grinder, most importantly, to get two full tablespoons) and eat empty stomach in the morning. Hours Ago a man need to drink a strong laxative. Effect exceeds expectations;
  • for those who do not have inflammation in the stomach problems and cardiovascular system, it is possible to use such an extreme means of: 10 cloves of garlic eaten in the morning on an empty stomach boiled milk or herring. A couple of hours ago And to take a laxative. He said that this recipe is also helps to effectively cleanse the body of parasites.

For those who do not have inflammation in the stomach problems and cardiovascular system, it is possible to use such an extreme means of: 10 cloves of garlic eaten in the morning on an empty stomach boiled milk or herring

  • oak bark (two tablespoons) pour boiling water (200 ml). Steep for six hours in a thermos. Infusion of strain After and drink on an empty stomach;
  • if you have problems with bowel movement (constipation or incomplete emptying), is the use of herbs that help parasite cleanse and improve the chair. Make an infusion of chamomile, buckthorn bark. You can do this, take the 2st. a tablespoon of chamomile buckthorn the same and the shell, pour boiling a glass of water and put it in a thermos to brew for six hours (in a thermos are better preserved volatile). Infusion of strain and drink on an empty stomach;
  • In the winter it is good to take baths with infusion of anise. Anise, penetrates through the pores of the skin of the body, helps to get rid of parasites;
  • a long time ago, we know that also, pine nuts are effective in parasitic infestations, because they are often used in Siberia. Every day for two months, a man need to eat 100 grams of nuts, chew. The only problem is that pine nuts are rich in energy and "of course" those 5 pounds! These two months should also abstain from meat and products containing animal fats;
  • there is another remedy for getting rid of worms: the onion. Take one large onion, cleaned, chopped, placed in a thermos and pour 200 grams of boiling water. Insist 12 hours. Then strain the infusion and drink on an empty stomach in the morning (because its better to do this evening). Be cleaned this way should not be more than 10 days, the procedure can be done once a year.

Properties of drugs

Body Cleansing of parasites. Thinking, it's better than to cancel the parasites, it is recommended to use several consider hard drugs. Not necessarily the most expensive tool is suitable for the treatment. Any drugs the parasites in the body can kill certain types of worms. Removal of the worms is provided by the active substance. Tablets withdrawal of nematodes and trematodes, relieve mixed infections. They are used in different life cycle of the parasite. The key advantage of such tools – it is not absorbed into the bloodstream. Anti-parasitic drugs do not give the child up to 2 years. In addition, these drugs have several limitations in application: lactation, pregnancy, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and liver in the kidneys. The dosage varies depending on the age category of the patient.


Body Cleansing of parasites should be comprehensive and effective. Antiparasitic drugs are basically similar: they are effective, but they are not prescribed to children in infancy. The adult dosage is changed, it will affect the weight and age of a person (400-800 mg). With the help of anti-parasitic remedies are are too difficult, judging by the various parasites. In addition, it is permitted to treat mixed infections. Thinking about how to cleanse the body of parasites, it is recommended to pay attention to the method of appointment prescribed by a doctor means. Type of medicines are in This universal. The treatment lasts a couple of days or 2 weeks, which will affect the taste, the destruction of the body and form, helminthiasis.

Recommendations for the prevention of infestation

  • Follow personal hygiene;
  • watch the cleanliness of your property;
  • monitor the health of their Pets, he are active carriers of parasites, not in vain that all cats and dogs;
  • carefully before they deal with the products use;
  • drink plenty of water (40 ml per 1 kg of body weight).

After reviewing these recommendations, the recipes of the dishes and cleanse the herbs to the body of the parasite, will select those tools that will help you. Most importantly, remember that the most important protection against infection with worms has a strong immune system.