What parasites cause allergies in humans?

Allergy in humans in the presence of parasites in the body

Allergies haunt a person everywhere.

The body's response to an external stimulus can be seen at any time; many substances can trigger this reaction.

The most popular plants today are pollen, dust, various chemicals, some foods and irritants such as insect bites.

Few people know that parasites can also cause allergies.

The appearance of certain symptoms will indicate the presence of a parasite that contributes to the development of a painful condition.

Types of helminths

As we have already clarified, various factors can cause allergies. If we talk about parasites that can cause an acute reaction of the immune system, it should be noted:

  • Giardia is the simplest organism;
  • Helminths are worms.

The most dangerous are:

  1. Vlasoglava;
  2. Ascaris;
  3. Toxocars;
  4. Echinococcus;
  5. Opisthorxis.

The parasites listed are very toxic, so they are the most dangerous for the human body. Allergy symptoms are observed in the body of an infected person. In addition, toxins are released after death, which leads to a significant increase in symptoms.

It is important!Eczema, atopic dermatitis, neurodermatitis often become manifestations of Giardia infection. Unbearable itching in a patient can turn into a serious mental illness. Digestive problems and frequent disturbed stools can also be signs of infection. The vital activity of these lower organisms and the decay products can cause severe intoxication in a person.

In medicine, parasites that cause allergies are divided into 2 groups:

  1. Exogenous- Human poisoning occurs throughout the life of the parasitic organism.
  2. Endogenous- All human systems are intoxicated with the decay products of dead creatures.

Exogenous and endogenous toxins can cause diseases such as eosinophilia. Often patients have itching, rash, bronchospasm.

In addition to worms, allergy symptoms can also occur when exposed to bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Think about which helminths are more common in humans:

  1. Ascaris.They can release allergens and provoke the appearance of bronchospasm. Conjunctivitis and rash are also observed.
  2. Pinworms.Small helminths (no more than a few millimeters in length) prefer the large intestine as a habitat.
  3. Cat's wing.These worms secrete toxins that, when ingested, cause bee stings.
  4. Giardia.The most common symptoms of acute giardiasis are nausea, stomach pain and digestive disorders. A less common temperature rise is observed, the body is covered with rash.
  5. Trichinella.The disintegration of larvae or the death of adults contribute to the development of allergies. In addition, the appearance of swelling, rash is possible.
  6. Echinococcus.Rupture of the cyst by parasites causes allergies. There is also bronchospasm, swelling and itching.

It should be noted that all of the above symptoms due to the presence of parasitic microorganisms worsen and decrease from time to time. Medication-based medical care (antihistamines, enterosorbents, foreign substances) will not have the expected effect.

The doctor examines the back allergy with parasites in the body

Skin allergies

Symptoms are most common on human skin, probably the largest organ in the human body.

Many diseases caused by parasitic organisms affect all systems of human life. The large-scale effects of worms cause a certain reaction in the human body, mostly on the skin.

Most worms enter the human body like larvae. After some time, the larva may mature or remain in the tissue layer, waiting for better times to develop. We are talking about a larval lesion of an organism that penetrates the top layer of the epithelium, leaving a large number of traces of larvae. Consider the results:


Dipteran larvae can cause human disease, and in most cases the disease manifests itself in the skin.

  • Dermatobiaz.The cause of the lesion is a South American rodent. The presented insect larvae contribute to the formation of extensive inflammation around the site of penetration.
  • Cordylobiosis.Tropical fly larvae affect the skin surface. In this regard, ulcers, sores, abscesses in which the larva is located appear.


The disease is caused by the larvae of trematode worms. These larvae live in water bodies. The penetration of larvae into the skin causes severe itching or burns. The site of penetration is then covered with a bloody blister and bruise.

Allergic urticaria with parasites in the body

Facial allergies

An allergy caused by worms will definitely appear on the surface of the skin. Helminthic allergy is characterized by redness of the skin, rash or purulent rash. Itching, eczema, peeling of the skin, the presence of urticaria indicate the presence of worms in the body. Tissue edema, bronchospasm, Quincke's edema, bronchial asthma may occur in the future.

  • Fasiolopsis.Human infection occurs through water or aquatic plants. Facial edema is common.
  • Echinococcus and alveococci.Infection with the larvae of these parasites occurs in infected dogs by ingesting dog feces with contaminated food or water. The disease manifests itself with fever, chills, jaundice, cough, itching, swelling of the lips or eyelids, manifestations of anaphylactic shock.

Sun allergy

Photodermatitis or sun dermatitis is a manifestation of sun allergy. An inflammatory reaction occurs when the skin interacts with the sun's rays. The intensity of the sun's rays is not the only cause of the onset of the disease, but the individual characteristics of the organism are important.

Diagnosis of sun allergy showed radiation, allergic, atopic, and contact lichen manifestations.

skin allergy to parasites in the body

Allergy in a child

The initial signs of the presence of worms can be divided into two types. The first involves common complications that can manifest themselves in the body, such as weakness, diarrhea, and dizziness. The child is anorexic, feels lethargic. There may be vomiting and nausea, all depending on the complexity of the situation. There may be constipation, which is replaced by diarrhea instead.

The second symptoms are more severe, there may be allergic reactions, up to rashes on the skin, the appearance of blisters. Everything depends on the individual characteristics of each organism. In this regard, the symptoms in children are similar to those in adults. The main thing is to see a doctor in time to be able to help the child as soon as possible.

Allergy to the skin of a child with parasites in the body


The following are studies from people who have been exposed to and treated for parasites.

  • First review: "I once had opisthorchiasis. The disease was very painful, it all started with a simple illness like a common cold and weakness. Then there were allergic reactions to alcohol, some products just could not stand the smell. He was treated. The only thing is parasites in the body. The treatment for allergies in the background does not help me. Now I suffer from poplar hair and regular pollen. "
  • Second review: "I suffered from eczema for a very long time, nothing helped, skin rashes appeared with new force each time, and the most expensive and popular treatments were used. As a result, I met with an infectious disease specialist, after a series of testsThey found helminthiasis inside me. There were roundworms. Surprisingly, after the treatment, all the irritation on the skin disappeared, and my doctor said that this often happens against the background of parasitic effects on the human body. "
  • The third tip: "My child is five years old, like all children, he spends most of the time in the yard, in the sandbox. Lately he has started to feel that his son has a persistent cough and allergies, because it had nothing to do with a cold. Ascaris larvae can cause allergic reactions in the form of a persistent cough. And the same larvae are most often found in the sand or soil. We had to go through a full treatment, then the cough passed, now we are more careful in choosing playgrounds. "
  • Review 4: "I never thought I would encounter parasites, but as you know, no one is protected from it. It all started with a common anxiety, indigestion, which is completely unusual for me. After many tests, they found ordinary worms. It was unpleasant, but I need treatment. It lasted a few weeks, and as a result, all the symptoms disappeared, and now I am more responsible for my health, food intake and normal hygiene. "

Experience shows that each type of helminthiasis can cause allergic reactions in the body. In addition, symptoms can range from minor to severe. Therefore, in the first diseases should consult a doctor as soon as possible and be tested for the presence of parasites. Often the result will be positive, and the sooner you start treatment, the sooner you can get rid of such an unpleasant and dangerous disease.